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    good girls // 5 seconds of summer 

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    everyone has that one unbelievably stupid friend like


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  • 5sos + music videos

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    Niall’s reaction is too precious

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    my pictures of harry styles with a child needs to be tattooed on everyone’s forehead because i have never seen anything this important in my entire life

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    layered audio; starts in one ear, then a few seconds later it starts again in the other ear. wear headphones.

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  • so here’s a message to people, like me, who don’t do their summer reading or even their weekly homework until the last minute, or not at all. Okay, yes, writing this message is a form of procrastination right now, but just hear me out. I’m doing a paper on a book I never read, I’m trying to do my maths in the next ten minutes, and I also have questions in science. Yes this may not seem like a lot, but searching google for the answers to my paper is annoying, I’m awful at math, so that’ll take me forever, and I couldn’t give a fuck about science so whatever, but no. This affects your grade and all of your future, because colleges look as far back into grades from seventh grade now, which sucks for me because I finished the last semester in English in seventh grade with a D. DO not procrastinate, because Netflix will still be there, twitter can wait, and with tumblr, it’s bound to be reblogged at least once more time so you don’t have to worry about that. These things take over our lives but really we should be worried about our future and where we see ourselves, so really, who cares about Harry Styles’ new hair cut (like that will happen).Finish your homework because the screen is drawing attention away from the things that should matter during the week.  

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    Introducing my dad to 5sos…

    Me- That’s Calum, that’s Michael, that’s Ashton and that’s Luke.
    Dad- Why’s his hair like that?
    Me- Who’s?
    Dad- Ashton’s (points at Michael)
    Me- That’s Michael
    Dad- you just said that’s Ashton
    Me- I think you’re just old now.
    Dad- Whatever I don’t care about it anyway (begins to leave)
    Me- you’ll care when I’m next to them at the alter.
    Dad- then and only then will I learn there names. I’m getting the hang of it now. That’s Ashton and that’s michael.
    Me- That’s Luke and that’s Calum, ffs leave.