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  • australienidiots:

    Well this took absolutely forever. But, after many hours of drawing and extensive research, i bring you an official* list of every color Michael has ever dyed his hair!  

    if you re-post this I will  literally cry because this took forever

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  • hrbx:

    My reaction to everything happening with 5SOS right now

  • twerkingwithcake:

    😂😂😂 I live for 5sos keeks

  • lovelysongedits:

    One Direction - Half A Heart & More Than This - Layered Mix

    • Use headphones x
    • More Than This is a lot longer, sorry haha
  • lovelysongedits:

    One Direction - Save You Tonight & Up All Night - Layered Mix

    • Requested by anon
    • Use headphonesss
    • Enjoy :-) x
  • payniscuous:

    *accidently gets obsessed with layered audio*

  • pitched-music:

    Forever Young (One Direction cover) - Layered (requested)

    Use headphones!

    Favorite song by them, even if it’s a cover and I love the layered ❤️

  • dreambig-hemmo:

    you can download it here

    Made me cry 5 seconds in.

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  • Don’t Forget Where You Belong (Layered) L+R. Put on your headphones and close your eyes

    i really like the ending, hope you like it too

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