Just a girl who loves 5sos and One Direction and about 10 million other bands

  • lovelysongedits:

    5 Seconds Of Summer - She Looks So Perfect & Heartbreak Girl - Layered


    Use headphones :-)

  • vodkacal:

    • The acoustic recording of Don’t Stop layered: starts in the left headphone and then in the right a few seconds later
    • sounds best with headphones
  • mischievoux:

    Me with 5SOS and One Direction all day everyday

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  • icons-ft-headers:


    • If you save/use, like it!
    • It’s made for iPhone 5/5s/5c

    Ps: If “Parallax Effect” is on, turn off! It’ll be better

  • bigbootyhood:

    5sos ‘Darling you’ll be okay’ wallpaper

    not my photos but my edit. x

    take out the credit and i’ll punch you in the throat.

  • Tumblr, I hate you for making me stay up watching DISNEY CHANNEL until 4:30. I want to sleep like badly

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    #disney channel
  • stability:



    By the time I have kids they’re literally going to be buying air

    fun fact: that “air” is nitrogen that keeps your chips fresh

    Fun fact: there were three chips in that bag. Three.

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  • Well shootity shoot shoot

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  • cantbreathelucas:

    *throws self off cliff*